- From October 18 2021 -

Textile Plus Festival 2021: online - national - international

More than textiles… the Textile Plus Festival stands for connection! Shops and studios, large and small, artists, designers, innovators and developers, professionals and amateurs. Museums, associations, projects, charities and trade journals…

"Everything comes together in the WORLD of textiles!"

Enjoy the first and only international ONLINE handicraft and textile festival! All participants have set up their own webpage with extensive information about themselves, the store, materials and products, gadgets, trends, tips and TPF offers. You can do your shopping in peace and from any country at the webshops you have chosen and let yourself be inspired for hours… no… for days!

Unique textile artists take you into their world of experience and expose their identity and process. Read their wonderful stories, view the images, take virtual tours of the studios and listen to the creation of works of art, the applied techniques, do’s and don’ts and sources of inspiration.

From October 18, 2021 you have daily access to the complete program, incl. chat functions, group meetings and live streams. But you can also shop to your heart’s content in the webshops, experience art, read stories and watch all the videos that our participants have recorded especially for you. We are ONLINE so open 24 hours a day!

Shop till you drop

Shopping day and night! Do you see something you need or do you want more information about an article or product? With just 1 mouse click you will immediately end up in the right webshop. Also take advantage of the many special TPF offers!


Follow the best workshops and demonstrations whenever you want and pause the video if you need a little more time. Can't figure it out or are you stuck? Ask all your questions to the participants via chat or Zoom meetings!

Step into the world of textiles

Please take your time to view all pages. Enrich your knowledge during the fascinating lectures and be guided through the workshops. Take part in the daily lives of renowned international artists!

Meet and greet

Via the chat function you can meet -almost- all participants, ask questions or have a nice chat. Do you prefer to do that with images? Then see which participants have scheduled Zoom meetings and livestreams and join us!

Ticket sales start in April!

This time you can experience and experience everything for only € 10.00! After payment, you can log in with your e-mail address and password from October 18 at 10 a.m. and you will have access to the Textiel Plus Festival ONLINE for a year.

With a visit to the Textiel Plus Festival ONLINE, you support us and our participants and you contribute to the survival of the festival!